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Ace of Spades Strain


Indica – 60% Leaning
Lineage: Jack the Ripper
Recommended time of use: Evening
Tiendas de cannabis cerca de mí España. Es una variedad relajante con un hermoso aroma y conocida por sus numerosos beneficios recreativos y para la salud..
Ace of Spades Strain 330.001,600.00

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Tiendas de cannabis cerca de mí España. The Ace of Spade’s weed strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid class of cannabis. These plants produce stunning flowers and are an easy marijuana strain to grow. Ace of Spades cannabis is well-known for its fragrant aromas and amazing flavours. This strain is a product of TGA Subcool Seeds, which has created a fabulous hybrid plant that induces a wide set of therapeutic effects. It’s no wonder why this Sativa-leaning hybrid weed strain has gained so much traction over the years with an ever-expanding fanbase.  it is our goal to help you find the best deals on the highest-quality Ace of Spade marijuana in Australia. Buy THC Vape Juice Near Me Spain

Ace of Spades Marijuana Strain: What is it?

Most cannabis enthusiasts fall in love with this strain due to its combination of sour and sweet tastes. TGA Subcool Seeds created this hybrid strain by crossing Black Cherry Soda with Jack The Ripper.  The result is the Ace of Spade’s weed strain, and like its parents, this strain is a Sativa-leaning herb.

Although the Ace of Spades is a slightly Indica herb, its effects start like a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Therefore, this strain uplifts the moods of consumers, making them feel somewhat giddy. However, a typical Indica high sets in a short while later. This combination of effects makes this hybrid bud a suitable medication for an array of mind and body ailments.

Tiendas de cannabis cerca de mí España

The Ace of Spades weed strain is a favourite indoor herb for many Australian growers. You can find this cannabis strain in the majority of your local weed stores. Furthermore, you can find it in many recreational shops or online cannabis dispensaries. So be sure to check out Bestbudz listed dispensaries’ menus and find the best deals on Ace of Spade’s weed in Australia. You can even get same-day weed dispensary delivery in Queensland & practically every other city in Australia.

Ace of Spades Marijuana: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Ace of Spade buds has a sweet and sour aroma with hints of the qualities of its parentage strains. This hybrid strain reasonably smells of fresh earth and citrus after a short rainfall. Also, the flowers leave behind a deliciously sour taste and aromatic scent.

This herb has a robust range of flavours that will catapult the toker into an enjoyable experience. The slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain has a sweet and spicy flavour that can make your tongue tickle. The natural berry and citrus aftertastes with hints of herbal and earthy undertones will make you want a puff of these wonderful buds. Sour Diesel

In addition, Ace of Spades is one of the most potent strains. It grows tall and bushy while producing large flowers. It has light-green leaves with bright-orange pistils. Also, it produces large, heavily-frosted flowers that can be pink, purple, or bluish. The flower shades depend on the parentage phenotype.Delta-8 THC Gummies – Sour Strawberry Diesel

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