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Cannabis is a gift from the earth. As cannabis becomes more mainstream and the industry grows, not every cultivator & manufacturer takes this responsibility seriously.

They’re able to do this because Cannabiotix solely sells single-sourced products—meaning they have full control over the entire process. Buy Cannabiotix

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This knockout west coast cannabis variety produces sparkling golf ball style nuggets that pack a pungent lemon fuel-like taste. This top-level OG kush has racked quite a few accolades as it was awarded 1st place Best Indica Flower in both the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup and 2015 High Times Jamaica World Cup and deemed one of High Times Top 10 Strains of 2014. This indica’s ability to relieve tension with powerful waves of euphoric, relaxed energy and amplified senses make it a great strain for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia.

Firstly, This high-THC award-winning Indica offers a relaxing, joyful, and tranquil sensation. The hard-hitting medicinal effects that White Walker OG produces are perfect for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia. order cannabiotix white walker og

  • THC levels between 25 and 29%
  • Relieves tension with waves of euphoric, relaxed energy
  • Lemon fuel-like taste

Moreover, Get this flower and see its sparkling golf ball style nuggets and feel its pungent citric aroma. This potent hard-hitting strain is perfect for Indica fans and ideal for its medicinal uses. With one hit of the White Walker OG, you will forget about your pain and dive into deep relaxation.


Bud Man delivers another award winning strain and the White Walker OG by Cannabiotix has won two!!! First Place Indica for both!! World Cannabis Cups 2015!!!

Made by the world famous Cannabiotix Team and sold by Orange County’s #1 Premium Delivery Service.

Wrapped in a sparkling coat of crystal trichomes, White Walker OG wears its potency like a crown. cannabiotix white walker og for sale

order cannabiotix white walker og ,  is exactly that strain and though it is a California native, it is universally loved worldwide. Created by Gold Coast Collection as a variation of SFV OG Kush, White Walker OG is a powerful strain sure to become a new favorite. Long, orange pistils appear sporadically.

White Walker OG has a musky sage aroma, with hints of citrus and spices. The flavor is similar, with a peppery aftertaste.


Meanwhile, Medicinally this strain is marvelous for a host of uses, especially for mental health and mood disorders. Depression, stress, mild anxiety, and bipolar are just some of the ailments this strain can treat. it is described by reviewers as an intense psychoactive elation, with many users feeling an enhancement of sensory input. In this zone, food tastes better, music is more groovy, and even the sense of touch enhanced. In the right situation, White Walker OG may act as an aphrodisiac. One user also felt like their aches and pains were more manageable. They felt the reason for this was that he was so high he forgot about them. Cannabiotix White Walker OG Online

Besides, The high of White Walker OG is swift and uplifting with a rush of energy straight to the head. This happy, tingly high is perfect for the artist looking to break through a block or athlete in need of an extra boost to their routine. The relaxed body high lends itself well to yoga and meditation.

Inconclusion, Users warn that White Walker OG is a strong, daytime Sativa, that may be too much for some. Others said they used the extra energy to tune into their body at the gym, or into another’s in the bedroom.