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Cannabiotix Blueberry


Finally, good weed is back in California.  The days where resin-rich, gassy, California chronic reigned supreme over all other cannabis aren’t over yet. Keep an eye out for the exclusive CBX strains coming to a California dispensary near you!

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Cannabiotix Blueberry, is an indica-dominant hybrid created by Sin City Seeds. It comes from a crossing of Afghani parent and Thai and Purple. cannabiotix blueberry strain

The tree-shaped Blueberry  buds have curly light-green leaves with maroon pockets underneath. Yellow trichome hairs outline the buds, while patches of confetti-like orange pistils are abundant.

Firstly, Blueberry  smells like sweet berries and citrus amidst cloves. The flavors of sour blueberry and cloves mixes when combusted, ending with a spicy-kush aftertaste.

Secondly,  One user described a warm wave rolling over them, bringing bliss and relaxation to the muscles and nerves. Many users reported reduced anxiety and improved mood, enjoying Blueberry  in a social situation. Other users preferred this strain at night, alone, and reported a deeper sleep.

Thirdly, Often described as a “one hit and quit” strain, Blueberry is notably potent, even for experienced cannabis enthusiasts. All said, reviewers think Blueberry  is a great tasting Indica that could be the perfect companion for a chill night at home, or to help laugh off some stress with friends.


Buy Cannabiotix Blueberry Online

Cannabiotix is a boutique cannabis company based in both California and Nevada founded by two expert cultivators who set out to develop and cultivate the most elite genetics in the cannabis industry today.  We breed these unique varietals to create exclusive, in-house strains that showcase one of a kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles. We breed these unique varietals to create exclusive, in-house strains that showcase one of a kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles. cannabiotix blueberry strain

For the uninitiated few of you that are unfamiliar with the brand, Cannabiotix (often stylized CBX) is a boutique cannabis company founded in Southern California in 2014 by expert cultivators Neema Samari and Jeff Buchman. Today, the company is owned and operated by Samari and his childhood best friend Eran Haroni. cannabiotix blueberry strain

Besides, Through Samari’s experience & commitment to perfecting the art of cannabis cultivation alongside his hand-selected dream team, Haroni’s business & logistical expertise, and the company’s new eye-catching branding & creative developed by CMO Michael Utsinger, Cannabiotix has positioned itself to put California cannabis back on top. Cannabiotix has won enough awards to fill a small warehouse with trophies, and that was without having their brand new state of the art facility in California to play with. cannabiotix blueberry for sale


Moreover, There are tons of cannabis businesses in California, what makes Cannabiotix so special? In a word: experience. CBX founders have been honing their cultivating skills since the early 2000’s—growing in legendary cannabis hotspots like Santa Monica and Huntington Beach. There’s just no substitute for experience, and when it comes to the cannabis industry, there’s no experience quite like cutting your teeth in SoCal during the era of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Order Cannabiotix Blueberry Online

Or look at the two time award-winning Tropicanna, another example of a CBX exclusive that completely blows other Sativas out of the water. Its high-potency range of 28-32% makes this energizing strain perfect for day time use. Maybe have toke with your glass of morning OJ. cannabiotix blueberry for sale

Cannabis is a gift from the earth. As cannabis becomes more mainstream and the industry grows, not every cultivator & manufacturer takes this responsibility seriously.

Therefore, They’re able to do this because Cannabiotix solely sells single-sourced products—meaning they have full control over the entire process. Buy Cannabiotix Blueberry

Order Cannabiotix Blueberry Online

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