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Our THC-P Gummies are vegan, and deliver a potent dose of 25mg of Delta 8 + THC-P per gummy. These premium and delicious gummies are infused with Delta 9 THC-P, instead of the regular THC-P gummies that are sprayed and unhealthy.

Buy THC-P Gummies Online Melbourne Best THC Gummies 2023. Our THC-P Gummies are vegan, and deliver a potent dose of 25mg of Delta 8 + THC-P per gummy.
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Buy THC-P Gummies Online Melbourne Our THC-P Gummies are vegan and include 25mg of Delta 8 + THC-P each gummy. Instead of the spraying and unhealthy THC-P gummies, these premium and delectable gummies are infused with Delta 9 THC-P. Buy CBD Oil Online Australia

Blueberry Pie, Pina Colada, and Sour Cherry Lime are among the blended flavors. THC-P gummies may provide a euphoric and joyful feeling while also soothing the body.

Binoid is a top THC-P brand, and these wonderful gummies carry a powerful punch. With these THC-P gummies, you can achieve the desired soothing effect. Gorilla Glue#4 Strain

  • 25mg Delta 8 + THC-P Per Gummy: 20 Gummies
  • 500mg THC-P total
  • 100% Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • SERVING SIZE: Take 1/2 or less of a gummy to start, they are strong!

Buy THC-P Gummies Online Melbourne

THC-P is the most potent cannabinoid produced from hemp on the market. THC-P, it turns out, is up to 30 times more potent than ordinary THC! However, you may only utilize a tiny proportion of THC-P in our products to make the experience pleasant, potent, and, most importantly, safe. THC-P, also known as Delta-P, is well-known for its strong body and head buzz.

THC-P is a powerful chemical that is more potent than both Delta-8 and Delta-10, therefore use with caution.


Introducing the first THC-P gummies on the market. We used pure 92% pure THCp and Delta 8 distillate that was safely extracted from Hemp. Blue Dream Strain

Potential Uses and Benefits

Outside of the observations made by the initial team that identified the cannabinoid, THCP is still relatively unknown in the cannabis world. Regardless, the evidence and potential medical uses are encouraging.

Patients who require high quantities of THC for their care, such as those who already use Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to fight cancer, may benefit more significantly from THCP. Higher amounts of THCP may generate sedative effects similar to large dosages of THC and may be capable of alleviating sleeplessness or persistent pain. Buy Cannabis Online Port-Macquarie