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Enjoy Hemp – Delta 8 + THC-P Live Rosin Jack Herer Vape Cart


The Enjoy: Bliss Delta 9 THCp + Delta 8 THC Live Rosin Jack Herer Vape Cartridge is a hybrid strain-inspired vape cartridge that combines Delta 9 THCp and Delta 8 THC in a live rosin Jack Herer formulation. The blend of these two potent cannabinoids creates a balanced and flavorful vape experience that is said to offer relaxing and uplifting effects.

Buy THC Cartridges Online Perth Buy THC-P Vapes Online Perth. It creates a balanced and flavorful experience that offers a relaxing and uplifting effects.
Enjoy Hemp - Delta 8 + THC-P Live Rosin Jack Herer Vape Cart 45.00

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Product Description

Buy THC Carts Online Perth Enjoy: Vibrations The Delta 9 THCp + Delta 8 THC Live Rosin Ice Cream Cake Vape Cartridge is a vape cartridge inspired by the Indica strain that blends Delta 9 THCp and Delta 8 THC in a Live Rosin Ice Cream Cake formulation. The combination of these two strong cannabinoids results in a balanced and tasty vape experience with soothing and uplifting benefits. Buy HHC Gummies Online Australia


  • Strain: Indica
  • Amount of Extract: 2G
  • Description: Breath and button-activation compatible 510 cartridge
  • Infused with Premium Live Rosin
  • About 90% Delta 8 THC and 5% Delta 9 THCp

How Does THCP Feel?

There isn’t a lot of information available about how THCP feels. However, based on the few persons who have tried it, the effects appear to be similar to delta 9 THC, with more change and more stimulating action in auditory and visual perception. Gorilla Glue#4 Strain

Although THCP is not hallucinogenic in the same way that magic mushrooms and LSD are, many people describe the experience as psychedelic-like. You won’t see strange pictures or have an out-of-body experience, but your perspective may leave your center point. Furthermore, when eating THC, you may notice more amplified sounds and richer colors, which isn’t uncommon.

However, the negative effects of eating too much THCP are more severe. People who use THCP, for example, have reported feeling more agitated and paranoid. If you experience anxiety when using delta 9 THC, THCP is probably not the ideal option for you.

Although delta 8 and delta 10 THC have no effect on your headspace, THCP has a significantly greater influence. TCHP, like THC-O and delta 9 THC, can influence decision-making and how you perceive events. Lemon Pound Cake Strain

Buy THC Carts Online Perth

It’s natural to be anxious about a product’s safety when you try something new. There hasn’t been enough research done on THCP to know if it’s fully safe. However, there is no evidence that it is more harmful than other THC analogs.

THCP has the same effect on the body as THC, but it is more potent. Early results also suggest that when consumed at the same dose, THCP has the same level of safety. To avoid any negative side effects, however, drink small doses of THCP. Start with a 0.3mg dose if you’re a beginner. Anything more may result in an unpleasant high.

THC analogs with long tails have been discovered to have more hazardous side effects than THC. As a result, THCP may cause more unfavorable side effects, however data is equivocal. Buy Cannabis Online Port-Macquarie