Where to Buy Weed Online Norway. Order Do-Si-Dos Strain Online Where to Buy Do-Si-Dos Strain Online Do-Si-Dos Strain for Sale. Double Do-Si-Dos is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Do-Si-Dos #22 X Do-Si-Dos #9 strains. If you love Do-Si-Dos, you’re going to be head over heels for this delicious bud Diesel Glue. Buy Opana 40mg Online.

Where to Buy Weed Online Norway

Double Do-Si-Dos packs everything you love about its parent strains and more into each and every toke, all wrapped up with a super high level of potency that can knock out even the most experienced patients. Do-Si-Do for Sale in Europe. Like its parent strains, Double Do-Si-Dos packs a sweet and nutty cookie flavor with light touches of citrus and lime. Kritikal Kush

Buy Cannabis Online Norway

The aroma is very similar, although with touches of spicy earth to it, too. The Double Do-Si-Dos high is one for the ages, with super hazy and giddy effects that are perfect for knocking out life’s daily stressed before you finally get to sleep. Do-Si-Do for Sale in Europe. You’ll feel unfocused and hazy with a sense of giggly euphoria and creativity while your body falls away into a heavy physical stone that has you totally immovable. Buy Cannabis Online Australia

THC Levels

In combination with its super high 18-25% average THC level, these giddy effects make Double Do-Si-Dos a great choice for treating conditions such as depression, mood swings, chronic stress or anxiety, nausea or appetite loss and chronic pain. This bud as grape-shaped minty green nugs with lots of red-orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty golden-white crystal trichomes. Buy Weed Online Europe


Do-Si-Dos grows well indoors and outdoors, thriving in semi-humid climates and temperatures in the mid-70s. Growers should be aware of this. The F2 line, #9, #18, and #22 are just a few of the phenotypes that Archive Seeds is passionate about creating for this strain. In almost 70 days, they blossom and grow tall. It has also been reported that 5% of the seed population has gender-fluid tendencies. The most resinous and potent phenotype is #9, which is ideal for individuals who want to control their potency in little doses. Blue Dream Strain

Strain Quantity

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