Where to Buy E-Liquid Online Cyprus . THC distillate, organic MCT oil, and proprietary natural flavoring extracts are all ingredients in QTNM Gold’s THC vape juice. Vape juice from QTNM is same to another e-juice. Simply pour the vape juice into your e-cigarette tank to enjoy a flavorful and smooth cigarette. This is ideal for those who want to use marijuana discreetly while also enjoying vaping. works with vaporizers between 10 and 75 watts. Gorilla Glue Strain

There are 1000 milligrams of THC in each 10 mL bottle.
*Not compatible with vape pens that use batteries with a 510 thread
*Separation is typical; thoroughly shake before using.
DOES NOT CONTAIN PG, VG, OR Vitamin E Acetate. Pineapple Express Strain

Where to Buy E-Liquid Online Cyprus



Watermelon, Peach, Grape, Tangerine, Coconut, Mango, Natural, Pineapple, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Mint

Advantages of Vape Juice

The e-liquid a person uses when they start vaping is one of the key elements of their vaping experience. But some people are ignorant of the advantages e-liquid has over tobacco. Sour Diesel Strain

1. The E-Liquid Flavors

There are various flavors of e-liquid. The various flavors improve vaping and leave a nice aftertaste in the mouth. Buy THC E-Liquid Sweden. There is a wide variety of e-liquid flavors available. There are several flavors to pick from, so it doesn’t matter if someone prefers the taste of tobacco or if they want to switch things up with a fruity or sweet flavor. Purple Haze Strain

2. There are no problems with stained fingers when using e-liquid.

The yellow-brown nicotine stains associated with smoking tobacco are removed from the vaper’s fingertips when they use e-juice in a vape. Dirty, yellow, and discolored fingers were one of the revolting byproducts of tobacco smoking. This is especially true for people who smoke a lot of tobacco. In addition to staining a person’s fingers, tobacco also discolors their teeth, nose, and lips. When vaping, none of these are a problem. Blue Dream Strain


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