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Where to Buy Strawberry Banana Online Europe How many well-known pairs can you name—Sonny/Cher, Lennon/McCartney, Tom/Jerry? Strawberry Banana is one of the most well-known food pairings, and it’s now accessible in smokable form. This strain with a lot of resin is a hybrid between Strawberry Bubble Gum and Banana Kush. Strawberry Banana has enticingly neon green nugs and wild strains of stringy orange hairs that are layered in sparkling trichomes and some of the stickiest, ickiest resin that, if you’re not careful, will leave your fingers and equipment sticky. Strawberry Banana looks nothing like strawberry bananas and more like little clumps of popcorn. Cannabis Shop Near Me

A 70:30 indica-dominant strain, Strawberry Banana has a high THC average in the 20–30% range. This hybrid’s indica dominates the sativa by a wide margin, yet the result is an out of the ordinary balanced high for users. After eating, the effects start off as a fuzzy head that makes you feel happy and optimistic, but they gradually transition into a body-numbing high that will keep you confined to the sofa, so bring snacks. You’ll experience a calm high with sharpened senses and heightened creativity. Delta 8 Shop Online Europe

The way Strawberry Banana engages your senses is consistent with what you may anticipate from the name. A wonderful scent of sweet fruits, reminiscent of strawberry, and a musky, earthy aroma of cannabis characterizes the very sweet genotype. While the exhale is equally as sweet and is tempered by a smooth banana flavor, the inhale is similar to the smell and is reminiscent of sweet fruits. Bubba Kush Strain

Medicinal Qualities

Strawberry Banana is used medically for many purposes, including appetite reduction (you’ll get the munchies!), stress relief, depression relief, and chronic pain relief. Where to Buy Edibles Online Australia

Where to Buy Strawberry Banana Online Europe

Don’t assume that this marijuana’s aroma is as delicate as the aroma of a banana split, even though it does indeed smell like strawberries and bananas. The room rapidly fills with the aroma of the fragrant strain. The aroma also has a hint of spice and earthiness, which are more pronounced when the bloom is crushed or pulverized. Tangie Strain

Strawberry Banana smells more like banana than strawberry. The converse is true in terms of flavor, with a stronger strawberry flavor in the smoke and a noticeable banana flavor in the aftertaste. Although the flavor has a faint earthy undertone, generally, this is extremely great, buddy. Platinum Og Strain

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