What is Cali Weed?

High-end cannabis flower known as “Cali Weed” has been grown professionally in California before being shipped (typically by mail) to the UK for sale. Due to its high quality, it can be purchased for up to £100 for 3.5g or £700/oz.

What makes Cali Weed it so special then?

Indeed, California was one of the first states in the US to legalize marijuana (medical in 1996 and recreational just over 20 years later in 2017).

This gave producers in the “Golden State” the flexibility to hone their methods of cultivation and consistently produce some of the strongest, stinkiest cannabis in the entire globe.

Additionally, it made it possible for cannabis growers to develop recognizable brands and establish a reputation for their goods. (Notable brands include Cookies, Jungle Boys, and Connected.)

California also has absurdly stringent testing requirements for the marijuana it cultivates, so there are no pesticides, hazardous chemicals, mold, or mildew there.

Since there is a vibrant cannabis culture in the UK as well, Californian marijuana is among the most sought-after in the entire world.

How do I buy Cali Weed?

Read this article. It will tell how to buy weed online in the UK via various methods including Instagram, that dark net, and even normal ‘surface web’ sites.



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