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Pure Blanco Blood Money Tropical Gummies, a combo of Delta 9 and HHC, is 600MG of power. And you want more than power. You’re going to be king. You’re always playing it fast and loose with the law because it’s the only way to make a dollar in this town — and one day, you’ll own it all. But first, you got to get past the players, the cops, and the cartels. Grab your crew, get some metal, and get moving on the night with Pure Blanco.

“Weak is Dangerous.” It’s the motto of the Infamous Griselda “La Madrina” Blanco, the first woman self-made Billionaire and one of the world’s wealthiest drug traffickers. She earned $80 million per month trafficking drugs, and her son, Michael Corleone Blanco, followed in her footsteps. But after she was assassinated, he went legit. Blanco built the Pure Blanco empire with his friend Michael “Majix” Yuen. Their focus on Fashion, Film, Music, Cannabis, and Licensing carries on the family motto, “Weak is Dangerous.”

You want to build your empire? Then when you come for Pure Blanco Blood Money Tropical Gummies, make sure you got what it takes. There’s 600mg of Delta 9 and HHC in here — and don’t even think of accusing us of shorting the stash. Our gummies are the highest quality in this turf, and we have the third-party lab reports to prove it. So, try Pure Blanco blended gummies today. If you don’t, we’ll find you.


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