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Try HHC, the only hand-crafted cube gummy that will give you the ideal buzz. You’ll get 1250mg of HHC from Artisan HHC Cube Gummies in our delectable Tropical Mix, the smoothest, most pure hemp-derived cannabinoid on the market right now. Each jar contains 50 gummies with approximately 25mg of HHC each, providing the ideal dosage of hand-crafted HHC. Artisan HHC Cube Gummies Tropical Mix are what you need if you want HHC created by a competent artisan.

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The most recent cannabinoid derived from hemp that has been rediscovered in the past year is HHC, also known as hexahydrocannabinol. HHC, which was first discovered in the 1940s, is a gentler variant of some of your favorites, like Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC. It provides consumers with a mild buzz that leaves them alert and prepared to face the day. The best thing, though? The use of this fantastic new cannabinoid is permitted across the country.

And right now, you can get 25mg of this amazing new cannabinoid in a red, yellow, blue, and green Tropical Mix. So, to enjoy 1250mg of the smoothest, most subtle hemp compound ever, try our brand-new Artisan HHC Cube Gummies in our Fruity Mix. You’ll be grinning all day long as a result of this pure ecstatic bliss in a gummy. Take two in the morning, two more at lunch, or whenever you need a boost of energy during the day!

All of our HHC gummies have undergone independent testing for toxins and purity, and you can view the certificates of authenticity online. Try our new Artisan HHC Cube Gummies in our Tropical Mix if you’re seeking for a novel way to enjoy hemp, a handcrafted cannabinoid manufactured by professionals, and experience 1250mg of ecstasy like no before. You’ll experience an out-of-this-world rush when you take Artisan HHC Cube Gummies in Tropical Mix!


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